June 19, 2019

One Bedroom Trailer

Breaking up is easier than moving out. After 5 years of ups and downs, an African-American couple in gentrifying Brooklyn spend their final time together arguing and remembering better days, as one of them moves out and on with life….

#HipHopIs on Zora

“For so many of us, #HipHop provided an opportunity for a way out of what has, at times, seemed to be insurmountable odds and conditions.” – Doug Simpson Music producer and recording artist Doug Simpson (Doug Sxmpson) has had his…

Doug Sxmpson’s “Spotlight”

Music producer and recording artist Doug Sxmpson (Doug Simpson) released his latest single “Spotlight” through Ironhorse Music Group and a distribution partnership with United Masters. Doug Sxmpson’s “Spotlight” is available now on Spotify and all streaming services. You can preview…

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