About IHMG

Ironhorse Music Group LLC

Ironhorse Music Group LLC is an independent record company based in New York specializing in Urban, Alternative and Pop music. The company’s catalog has been featured on numerous cable and network television shows, straight to DVD releases, as well as independent and major motion pictures.


In 2005, Ironhorse Music Group LLC was created as an avenue for urban recording artists in the greater New York area. Its initial roster has had nominal successes in record sales, digital downloads as well as cable television and straight-to-DVD placements.

Since then, Ironhorse Music Group has expanded beyond the greater Tri-state area, forming partnerships and lasting relationships in Canada, Germany, Ireland, Australia and South Africa through licensing via publishing ventures with Vintage 75 Music and Arts of Alice. IHMG’s goal is to continue to provide quality music to its ever-expanding consumer base while maintaining its locally global appeal. IHMG will also continue to adopt new media and embrace technological advances in hopes that their consumers get the quality of music they demand and deserve.

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